Collect unpaid invoices, faster.

Our B2B / commercial collection agents remain steadfast in their efforts to recover past-due accounts.

Commercial Debt Collection includes business profile and asset research, inbound and outbound phone calls, written communications and more. These services are at no charge to your business unless payment arrangements can be made with your customer.  Once payment is received, we'll update the status as PAID in our Client Portal. 



Performance based pricing.

Enterprise Recovery provides our services on a contingency basis.

This means we don't get paid a dime until your money is collected. If we're unable to collect your cash, our service is free. 



Taking it one step further.

Sometimes customers can be stubborn.

If our A/R professionals and bad debt collection agents are unable to recover your cash, Enterprise Recovery gives you the option to pursue litigation.

Our in-house legal team will review the account and make recommendations for next steps. Legal services are integrated into our collection workflow however your team gets to review each account prior to pursuing legal action.LEARN MORE

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