What To Do with That One Client Who Refuses to Pay?

When growing a business, organized finances, documented processes and the perfect staff can contribute to positive feedback and referrals from  clients. Even when everything is going right, there will be that one particular client who seemingly steals your joy.  Whether they're being difficult or too demanding (hello scope creep), it's imperative to set boundaries on the B2B relationship.  When they don't pay their invoices, it could be even more frustrating. 

When you're doing everything right in your business, what do you do with that one client who refuses to pay?

What is the B2B Collections Process?

Working capital and cash flow is imperative to any successful business. Accounts receivable management can help ensure access to cash through a consistent credit, invoicing and collections process. Business-to-business, or B2B, collections is different from consumer collections and the procedures for collection must be handled differently as well.

An effective B2B collections process will elicit more working capital and improve cash flow. Here's how...

Freelance Survival Guide to Feast or Famine

Running a business when you can't predict monthly income can stress out any business owner. Some months, new clients seem to drop from the sky and other months, there's an actual sound of crickets chirping. A feast or famine lifestyle isn't healthy for anyone but there is a way to not only survive, but thrive. A little organization and a some steady work habits can help keep your budget on track.

Here's a freelance survival guide to thriving during the feast or famine cycle of income.

Accelerate Cash Flow with these Proven Commercial Collection Strategies

The simplest way to be successful in business is to manage money well. Cash flow should be steady and expenses should prove to be investments into the company's success. While the best way to improve cash flow is to collect accounts receivable balances faster, it may appear that client payments simply aren't arriving fast enough. Are the clients at fault or does accounts receivable need to reexamine their billing strategy?

Here are five proven commercial collection strategies to accelerate cash flow.

B2B and Corporate Payment Trends

One of the best ways to get your invoices paid on time is to offer many ways for your clients to pay.  Innovative payment technology is available and can help reduce staff, time or other resources needed to track down payments.  Inspired by the B2C market, corporate payment technologies are leaning toward self-service, but also looking for ways to reduce the chances of payment fraud. Your accounts receivable department will thank you for making their jobs easier, including reducing the time spent waiting for checks to arrive.  

Here are current B2B payment trends and what to expect in the future.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Collection Agency Right Now

If you're reading this, you may be wondering why the title suggests you should hire a commercial collection agency right now. Let's start by considering the reasons why you shouldn't:

  1. Your accounting is organized and handled with dedicated staff 
  2. Your clients always pay their invoices on time
  3. You've never considered taking a client to court over an unpaid debt

Feel free to click away if you've said "yes" to all three. Otherwise, read on.

Here's why you should hire a commercial collection agency right now.

Common Cash Flow Challenges of Small Businesses

A 2017 study reveals that 41% of small businesses surveyed reported cash flow challenges within the past year. Over half of those same businesses said the impact of the cash flow challenges was consequential to their business. Unfortunately, this news isn't that surprising. Freelancers and small business owners frequently struggle with poor cash flow or management. The good news is that these challenges are quite common and can be remedied through a closer look at company financials.

Here are some common cash flow challenges faced by small businesses and suggestions on fixing them.

Top 10 Qualities of Successful Small Business Leaders

Do a survey of successful business leaders and you'll find essentially similar qualities. Leadership is not about telling people what to do. Successful leaders demonstrate passion, perseverance and the willingness to get into the action to build their dream. Running a small business means wearing many hats, trying something new almost daily and admitting when help is needed. If you're starting a business or hiring new people...

Build a successful small business with these 10 leadership qualities.

5 Things Every SaaS Accounting Team Must Know

If your company sells software as a service or SaaS, your business model and accounting may look different than others. Traditional software sales included purchasing a tangible disk - a finite sale that would be taxed appropriately. With more software being "leased" monthly rather than sold, accounting and tax standards are trying to catch up. 

Here are 5 things that a SaaS startup accounting team must know to help build a successful business.

Is Your Business Ready to Hire an Accountant?

Whether you're starting your business and need a solid plan or your company is thriving, there are many benefits to hiring an accounting professional. Your small business may not be ready to hire an accountant or accounting department full-time, however, relying on an experienced hourly-based accountant can save time, money and headaches.

If your company is faced with any of the following, it may be time to invest in hiring an accounting professional.