Are you Ready to Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time? 👀

As more people quit their jobs for better benefits and work-life balance, 32% of Americans have turned to entrepreneurship.  Many entrepreneurs started their businesses alongside their full-time jobs, consulting or providing services to friends or businesses in their professional network. If you're looking to take the leap in the next year, allow us to offer some valuable advice and lessons learned.

Quitting your job for a side hustle? Here's what you need to know to go full-time entrepreneur.


Business Advice: How Important is a Follow-Up?

If there's any solid business advice I could offer to anyone, it would be this: Always follow up. 

For many reasons, a follow-up email or phone call is essential in achieving results. Often, however, some people don't feel comfortable reaching out again after a meeting, discussion or event. They're worried their ask is a chore or they're being too pushy. In fact, a friendly follow-up may just be what's required to seal the deal.

In business, how important is a follow-up?

Increase B2B Client Loyalty with These Survey Questions

If you're looking for a positive way to reach out to your clients, a survey may be the way to go. There's lots of available survey research but this post will narrow it down to some best practices and questions to include.

Increase client loyalty with these survey questions.

In Small Business, Teamwork Really Does Make the Dream Work

When entrepreneurs are growing a business, they may often use the phrase "wears many hats." Employees are often taking on many different tasks to remain agile on the path to profitability. As more employees are hired for specific duties, small teams develop. While these teams focus on the demands of their responsibilities, success is found when they continue to work together. 

In small businesses, teamwork really does make the dream work.

5 Steps to Take Now to Avoid Late Payments during the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be easy to fall under the notion that your customer payments will arrive as usual. In reality, some businesses will shut down for weeks during the holiday season, narrowing the window for paying invoices.  Instead of watching your working capital fall short, you can prepare in advance. 

Here are 5 steps to take to avoid late payments during the holidays. ✨


Call Scripts for Successful A/R & Collections Specialists

When your business needs to make a call to get invoices paid, make sure your accounts receivable and collections specialists are using the right language and abilities. Successful calls are handled by skilled collections specialists with the qualities of persistence, confidence, great listening skills, and training. When emails aren't bringing those late payments current, these call script examples may help.

Call Scripts for Successful A/R and Collections Specialists.


The Importance of Cash Flow Management for Your Business

When you think of the phrase cash flow, you may have a vision of money flowing into and out of your business. In this vision, your clients are seamlessly paying their debts to you and you're paying all of your bills and expenses. Cash flow management is the process of maintaining that flow of money, hopefully increasing positive cash flow, where more money comes in than goes out. 

Let's look at cash flow management strategies to help your business.

When Is The Best Time to Send A Client Invoice?

If you’re concerned about receiving timely payments, you might be interested to know that your clients have preferences about receiving your invoices. When you can meet their preferences to increase your cash flow, isn't it worth it? 

When is the best time to send your client an invoice?

Best Practices for Creating a Business Credit Policy

Within an accounting department, a credit manager's job is to determine the creditworthiness and credit risk of clients.  By setting up clients in this way, along with the implementation of a credit policy, your accounts receivable department can be more successful, cash flow is boosted and the risk of non-paying clients is reduced. 

Here are best practices for creating a business credit policy.

What are the Duties of an Accounts Receivable Specialist?

After the sales team closes the deal and the goods or services have been delivered, the accounts receivable department ensures that your customers meet their payment deadlines.  Receiving timely B2B payments reduces potential cash flow issues, ensuring vendors and employees are paid and the business continues growing. An accounts receivable specialist has certain defined responsibilities within the department. 

What are the duties of an accounts receivable specialist?