Accounting Tips for Digital Marketing and Ad Agencies

Agency life is never boring. Built on the back of creativity, digital marketers and advertising gurus spend hours pouring over strategies, pitches, and messaging for clients. When a campaign takes off and clients see return on their investment, everybody celebrates the win. Creative agencies still require someone to operate the back office, maybe not-so-fun, part of the business. 

Here are B2B accounting tips for Digital Marketing and Ad Agencies to stay successful beyond campaign wins.

Collaborating with your Accountant on QuickBooks Online

Unless your business is accounting, letting the pros handle what they're good at means you can focus on growing your company. Sharing your business information with an accountant can be a challenge, especially if your accounting software requires exporting or downloading large files. QuickBooks has recently rolled out a new set of features that allows for easier access and communication with an accountant. 

Here's how the My Accountant feature works in QuickBooks Online.

Discover & Recover Past Due Invoices in QuickBooks

Successful businesses rely on positive cash flow to pay salaries, vendors and otherwise re-invest in the company. Cash flow depends on accounts receivables being paid on time and with regularity. Small business owners may be too busy to stay aware of invoices that are past due. Invoicing software programs, such as QuickBooks, can help make this process easier. Enterprise Recovery works with businesses of all sizes, but we have a special team designated to helping accounting departments that run on QuickBooks. 

How to collect past due invoices more efficiently.