Solution to Past-Due Accounts and Corporate Debt Collections

Dealing with past due accounts or non-responsive clients is frustrating enough. Business owners wonder what options they have but don't have the time to do much research. Is it time to reach out again? Go to small claims court? Write the whole thing off?

Introducing a simple solution to resolve past due or unpaid invoices: a free online portal for corporate debt collections.

Industry-Focused Commercial Debt Collection

Business suppliers, vendors, distributors and manufacturers typically have their own industry jargon. There's an expectation among those who "speak the language" that in a business relationship, you'll have a solid comprehension of how that industry works.  Debt collections is no different. Businesses seeking to recover past due accounts receivables will search for debt collection agencies they can trust, who comprehend their industry specifics and who also speak their language. 

Industry-focused commercial debt collections offers an engaged collections and recovery strategy. Here's how.

What's with the Enterprise Recovery Logo?

If you are new to Enterprise Recovery, welcome! The website was launched earlier in November 2016 after considerations of branding and building out the new website. If you've named, branded and marketed a B2B company before, you have some idea of the process of brainstorming and shooting down ideas. Such is the story with the Enterprise Recovery logo...