Five Ways for Freelancers to Save Money

With the federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time in nearly 30 years, economists are expecting a slow down in business growth. They've been talking about a recession for a few years now but then we were hit with a pandemic that shook up everything from the supply chain to the location of the workforce. If you are growing a freelance business, you're likely concerned about what to do if your own business slows down. Is your business recession ready?

Here are five ways for freelancers to save money.

4 Money Myths That Might Explain Why Your Business Is Not Getting Paid

Unfortunately, many of us learn from hard lessons about money in adulthood. When you run a business, there are more hard lessons to learn, often at a high cost to your success. Certain expectations can actually be harmful to your business's cash flow. Take a look at these assumptions to see if you need to re-examine your thoughts around money and your business.

Here are 4 money myths that might explain why you're not getting paid.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs When Life Feels Overwhelming

As if starting and running a successful business isn't challenging enough, sometimes life throws curveballs. Whether it be illness, an accident, world events, or caring for family, entrepreneurs must prioritize their health and well-being. These practices can also be expanded to form a well-being program to include the employees who keep your growing business afloat. 

Your business and family depend on you. Here are mindful self-care practices for entrepreneurs when life feels overwhelming.

The Influence of Black Entrepreneurs on America's Economy

To inspire entrepreneurship in a community that is least likely to receive startup funding, we've shared inspiring quotes from Black entrepreneurs who've had to overcome hardships to achieve success.  Some key findings in the research for that article included a diversity report that found that only one percent of venture-backed founders were Black.  The U.S. economy benefits from Black entrepreneurs and investing in more Black-owned businesses will reap rewards for all Americans.

We're taking a look at the influence of Black Entrepreneurs on America's Economy.

A Business Owner's Task List for the New Year

While individuals attempt to keep their New Year's resolutions, new and growing businesses can also prepare for the year ahead. By setting up for success in January and February, you and your business are getting ahead of the curve so the rest of the year runs smoothly.

This task list will set up success for business owners in the new year.

A Startup Guide to B2B Accounts Receivable and Collections

A new business takes time, dedication, and wearing lots of many hats. If you're growing your business and want to attract more capital, it's time to protect your cash flow.  This free downloadable guide will help you discover how to prioritize your accounts receivable so you don't have to waste time chasing down payments. 

A Startup Guide to B2B Accounts Receivable and Collections

Are you Ready to Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time? 👀

As more people quit their jobs for better benefits and work-life balance, 32% of Americans have turned to entrepreneurship.  Many entrepreneurs started their businesses alongside their full-time jobs, consulting or providing services to friends or businesses in their professional network. If you're looking to take the leap in the next year, allow us to offer some valuable advice and lessons learned.

Quitting your job for a side hustle? Here's what you need to know to go full-time entrepreneur.


In Small Business, Teamwork Really Does Make the Dream Work

When entrepreneurs are growing a business, they may often use the phrase "wears many hats." Employees are often taking on many different tasks to remain agile on the path to profitability. As more employees are hired for specific duties, small teams develop. While these teams focus on the demands of their responsibilities, success is found when they continue to work together. 

In small businesses, teamwork really does make the dream work.

When Is The Best Time to Send A Client Invoice?

If you’re concerned about receiving timely payments, you might be interested to know that your clients have preferences about receiving your invoices. When you can meet their preferences to increase your cash flow, isn't it worth it? 

When is the best time to send your client an invoice?

Growing Your Business During a Pandemic

While it's true that no one could have predicted the pandemic, entrepreneurs started 4 million new businesses in 2020. E-commerce and other online services saw a boom as brick-and-mortar businesses shut down. Then, just as it seems like the world would reopen, the Delta variant has business owners trying to decide what to do next.

If you're wondering how to grow your business during this pandemic, keep going with these tips.