Legal Review and Commercial Collection Litigation

Leverage Enterprise Recovery's National Legal Network.

If we cannot resolve your customer delinquencies through normal collection efforts, Enterprise Recovery offers national litigation coverage with our network of top collection attorneys.


Legal File Review

Our experts will review each one of your files that are under consideration for litigation and identify the following:  

  • whether the documentary evidence exists to support litigation;
  • the legal jurisdictions and the court in which the case may be filed;  
  • whether attorney’s fees and costs may be collected;
  • whether the commercial debtor has any disputes or defenses, the bankruptcy status of the commercial debtor;
  • the law firm and attorney to whom Enterprise Recovery can refer you for placement of the file for litigation. 

For your larger value files, our experts may assess the collectability of the underlying debt to determine if there are any advanced settlements or strategies to help you avoid the cost and uncertainties of litigation.

Read more about when to consider litigation for commercial debt.


Commercial Collection Litigation

Enterprise Recovery’s services do not end if and when the file is placed for litigation.

If the value of the file satisfies the requirements for small claims court, our commercial litigation team can assist you with filing the necessary forms in Small Claims court on your own behalf. If the value of the file is greater than the maximum permitted for small claims court, our commercial collection litigation team will assist in the transition of the file to trial counsel, and ensure that the litigation firm receives a complete file for litigation purposes.  During the litigation, our commercial collection litigation staff will report on the status of the litigation as well as assist the trial attorney with any additional information that the firm needs to obtain settlement or judgment in your favor. During the litigation period, Enterprise Recovery, LLC’s team will be present to assist you with any questions or other needs that you may have.

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