B2B Sales & Marketing Tips to End the Year Strong

While we typically write about the end-of-the-year processes for accounts receivable, year-end brings about its own stress for the sales and marketing teams. With quotas to meet and budgets to assess, the challenges can weigh on even the most seasoned professional. 

Here are four tips for B2B sales and marketing professionals to end the year strong.

Do Older Founders Have Traits that Make the Best Entrepreneurs?

In a recent Forbes article, the contributor suggests that older entrepreneurs outperform younger startup founders and lists numerous examples.

  • GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parsons at age 47.
  • E-Trade started with Bill Porter at age 54.
  • Leo Goodwin, the founder of Geico, was 50.

The article goes on to state that as individuals age, they're more likely to build a successful company. What is it that makes this statement true?

What traits do older founders possess that make them the best entrepreneurs?

Inspire Your Startup Employees to Stay Engaged

Growing a new company isn't for the faint at heart. Employees must be passionate, willing to go the extra mile, and work long hours as part of a cycle of endless expectations. With so many American employees complaining of burnout and "quiet quitting," startups are facing the same struggles as enterprise companies. 

Use these tips to inspire your startup employees to stay engaged.

How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Business

Businesses have had to run leaner in recent years - something that startups know all about. A lean business is one that maximizes value with its resources and minimizes waste. People, money, and time are the most valuable resources in organizations. Maximizing time saves money and encourages your workforce to feel as if they're giving their best to their jobs.

Here's how your business can stop wasting time.

10 of the Best B2B Leadership Quotes

Being a leader in a tough economy means staying positive, no matter what. Inspiration can be hard to come by, but it's necessary to motivate those around you. Allow these quotes to encourage you to push past the tough times and create a wave of possibility.

Here are 10 of the Best B2B Leadership Quotes to keep you motivated.

What Business Leaders Can Do To Survive an Economic Downturn

Business leaders have long known that the economy was going into a recession. It's important to prepare a business for any economic challenge, whether it's externally or internally driven. With accelerated technology and startup growth, eventually, there will be a slowdown. Technology and startup leaders must be prepared to ensure their business fares well.

Here's what business leaders can do to survive an economic downturn.

Who's Buying? Knowing the Decision Makers For Your B2B Startup

You can't build your business or do effective marketing unless you know who you're selling to.  These initial decisions will guide your sales and marketing team to be its most successful and scale your company faster. Do you know who's going to be buying your goods or services?

Do you know the decision-makers for your B2B startup?

Five Ways for Freelancers to Save Money

With the federal reserve raising interest rates for the first time in nearly 30 years, economists are expecting a slow down in business growth. They've been talking about a recession for a few years now but then we were hit with a pandemic that shook up everything from the supply chain to the location of the workforce. If you are growing a freelance business, you're likely concerned about what to do if your own business slows down. Is your business recession ready?

Here are five ways for freelancers to save money.

4 Money Myths That Might Explain Why Your Business Is Not Getting Paid

Unfortunately, many of us learn from hard lessons about money in adulthood. When you run a business, there are more hard lessons to learn, often at a high cost to your success. Certain expectations can actually be harmful to your business's cash flow. Take a look at these assumptions to see if you need to re-examine your thoughts around money and your business.

Here are 4 money myths that might explain why you're not getting paid.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs When Life Feels Overwhelming

As if starting and running a successful business isn't challenging enough, sometimes life throws curveballs. Whether it be illness, an accident, world events, or caring for family, entrepreneurs must prioritize their health and well-being. These practices can also be expanded to form a well-being program to include the employees who keep your growing business afloat. 

Your business and family depend on you. Here are mindful self-care practices for entrepreneurs when life feels overwhelming.