Late Paying Clients - It's not Personal

When you're growing a business, a late-paying client can be frustrating. You have to dedicate time and resources to figure out what happened and why. You have to pull yourself together enough to have a conversation about money - something that's not easy for many people. The most important thing to remember is that your business fulfilled its part of the deal, and now your client owes your business

When dealing with late-paying business clients, remember that it's not personal.

How Automation Helps with Cash Flow

With the "unprecedented" events of the past few years, businesses are looking to become more efficient in all areas of their organizations. An area that is often overlooked due to its manual processes is accounts receivable.  Even though payments by check have declined since 2019, thirty percent of B2B clients are still writing checks and sending them in the mail. Automating A/R has the potential to create a smoother, more dependable cash flow.

Here's how accounts receivable automation helps with cash flow.

Does Your Business Use an Accounts Receivable Policy?

Listed as an asset on financial statements such as the balance sheet, accounts receivable is an important resource to your business. It's considered an asset because it can be converted to cash if collected within the payment terms set in your client contracts. If it's not collected in a timely manner, it becomes a drain on company resources. Policies and procedures must be documented to increase the success of these collections. 

Does your business use an accounts receivable policy?

What to Include on Invoices so B2B Clients Pay on Time

Accuracy and details are crucial when invoicing business clients on retainer or for goods or services provided by your company. In fact, there are some attributes that can be added to invoices to prompt early payment or at least reduce the risk of late payments. 

Use these invoicing best practices so your B2B clients pay on time.

How to Efficiently Collect AR and Get Invoices Paid Faster

As accounts receivable (AR) begin to fall delinquent, your business expenses could fall delinquent as well. With every late-paying client, cash flow for payroll, rent, or other vendors falls short, threatening your company's bottom line and growth. The effectiveness of your accounts receivable department may be one of the most important measurements to determine the success of your business.

Use these tips to efficiently collect AR and get invoices paid faster.

How Your Business Can Find Cash & Stay Resilient in a Crisis

The recent Silicon Valley Bank crisis sent ripples through the world of small businesses, startups, and venture capital.  Thankfully, the crisis was mainly thwarted by getting bailed out and addressed by calls for regulation by the Biden administration. But it set enough investors on edge to recognize that it's not the first crisis to affect businesses, and it certainly won't be the last. 

Here's how your business can find cash and stay resilient in a crisis.

Are You Taking Too Long to Collect on Receivables?

When your business has a late-paying client, follow-up calls must be handled quickly and with conviction. Late or non-paying clients cause your business to write receivables off as bad debt, and they could cause the deterioration of your business relationships. Or you could escalate to a professional B2B collections agency that values your business relationships and your cash flow.

Are You Taking Too Long to Collect on Receivables?

Understanding and Managing Your Business-to-Business Receivables

As a business owner, it's important to stay on top of your accounts receivable, especially when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Accounts receivable refers to the money that your clients owe your company for goods or services that have been provided but not yet paid for. B2B accounts receivable management can be a bit more complex than consumer (B2C) accounts receivable, so it's important to understand how to manage your accounts effectively.

Understanding and Managing Your Business-to-Business Receivables.

Losing Accountants? Here's How to Help Your Accounting Team

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the number of accountants and university students that are studying accounting is falling. The long hours, especially during tax season, are turning off young recruits. Enterprise corporations are offering college credits and higher pay to entice more people into the field. 

Let's evaluate what accountants do at your business and what to do when your accounting team is dwindling.

Accounts Receivable and Business Collections Trends for 2023

It's time that we review our blog posts from the past year to discover any trending topics for 2023. In previous years, we've used this annual review to learn insights on how we can do better for our readers.  Let us know if there's a topic that we can do better for you in the upcoming year.

Here are the Accounts Receivable and Business Collections Trends for 2023.