The ROI of Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivable

Outsourcing accounts receivable and collections is a strategic decision that can benefit businesses. By partnering with a collection agency, businesses can offload the time-consuming task of chasing unpaid invoices, allowing them to focus on their core operations. 

Discover the financial benefits of outsourcing your accounts receivable and how it can positively impact your business's bottom line.

Preparing Your Business For A Debt Collection Agency

Is your business struggling with unpaid invoices or clients not paying on time? Many companies often turn to professional debt collection agencies for assistance when this happens. Before you hand over your delinquent accounts to a collection agency, it's important to understand their role and how they can help your business.

Learn how to effectively prepare your business for working with a debt collection agency to recover outstanding payments.

A Guide to Choosing the Right A/R Outsourcing Partner

When selecting an outsourcing partner for your accounts receivable needs, it is essential to explore a variety of key factors to ensure a successful partnership. Understanding your business needs is only the first step in this process. By clearly identifying your goals, objectives, and the level of support required, you can better evaluate potential partners that align with your specific requirements.

Learn more in this guide when choosing and outsourcing to an accounts receivable partner. 

The Difference between Collecting Debt from a Person vs. a Business

B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) debt collections are different.  Agencies that collect from individuals will use different collection tactics and are subject to harsher regulations than those that collect from businesses. Often these agencies choose to separate consumer collections from commercial collections because the processes vary. 

Understanding the difference between collecting debt from a person and a business will help determine the service your business needs.

The Dos & Don'ts of Commercial Debt Collection: What You Need to Know

If you've ever struggled with chronic late-paying clients or are silently seething over invoices that were never paid, you're probably considering commercial debt collection. Of course, you're wondering how much it'll cost and if you have time to research it. You may wonder how to escalate an unpaid debt to a collections agency and if they'll damage your client relationships. Let's tackle some of those questions, shall we?

The Dos and Don'ts of Commercial Debt Collection: What You Need to Know.

What Happens when Business Debt Goes to Collections?

Debt collections may not be the most enjoyable part of back office operations, but it's absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, some of your business clients will miss a payment or more due to various reasons. If you've signed an agreement and fulfilled your part, they still owe you.  

What happens when business debt goes to collections?

B2B Debt Collections that Speaks Your Language

Every industry has its own share of jargon, acronyms, and special terms. There's a level of trust that's gained when a business partner understands your industry or "speaks your language." When companies seek out debt collection agencies that they can trust, they also want to work with those who understand their industry. 

When a debt collections agency speaks your language, B2B account recovery can be more successful.

Are You Taking Too Long to Collect on Receivables?

When your business has a late-paying client, follow-up calls must be handled quickly and with conviction. Late or non-paying clients cause your business to write receivables off as bad debt, and they could cause the deterioration of your business relationships. Or you could escalate to a professional B2B collections agency that values your business relationships and your cash flow.

Are You Taking Too Long to Collect on Receivables?

Losing Accountants? Here's How to Help Your Accounting Team

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the number of accountants and university students that are studying accounting is falling. The long hours, especially during tax season, are turning off young recruits. Enterprise corporations are offering college credits and higher pay to entice more people into the field. 

Let's evaluate what accountants do at your business and what to do when your accounting team is dwindling.

Tips for Hiring a Corporate Debt Collections Agency

If you're reading this, it's more than likely because you've done everything you can to get a client to pay, including asking nicely, and they're simply... not paying.  You may be wondering if you have any recourse at all and you really, REALLY, need to get back to running your business. Hiring a professional debt collection agency seems complex and a little uncertain. Maybe your only interaction with debt collection was as a consumer and that wasn't a positive experience.

No need to fret. Here are tips to consider when hiring a debt collections agency for your business.