Why You Should Hire a Commercial Collection Agency Right Now

If you're reading this, you may be wondering why the title suggests you should hire a commercial collection agency right now. Let's start by considering the reasons why you shouldn't:

  1. Your accounting is organized and handled with dedicated staff 
  2. Your clients always pay their invoices on time
  3. You've never considered taking a client to court over an unpaid debt

Feel free to click away if you've said "yes" to all three. Otherwise, read on.

Here's why you should hire a commercial collection agency right now.

Small Business Debt Collection - The Right Way

Small businesses balance on a precarious line when attempting to collect debts from their customers. Business owners trying to grow their business certainly don't want to lose customers. If those same customers don't pay their balances on time, or at all, it hurts the business even more because time and resources are already spent. Depending on the type of small business customers, there is a right way and a wrong way to do debt collection. 

Here are tips to do small business debt collection the right way.

Leveraging Three Commercial Collection Services in One: A/R, Bad Debt, Litigation

When your accounts receivable department could use some help, it will show up in a number of ways.  You may notice your sales are increasing but your cash flow isn't covering your bills. Bad debts are written off or your DSO keeps increasing.  To grow your business, especially if you want investors, you must make accounts receivable a priority, collect bad debt, and use legal action to collect what's owed to you. 

At Enterprise Recovery, we provide commercial collection services for every stage of the commercial collection process.

How Businesses Can Send Commercial Customer Accounts to Collections

When clients aren't paying their invoices on time or at all, many businesses will write it off as bad debt simply because of the resources involved with collections. Some business owners are concerned about using a commercial debt collections agency because of the cost or complexity. There may also be apprehension due to mistrust of proper handling the client relationship. Depending on the agency, commercial debt collections doesn't have to be complex or costly.

Here's how your business can send commercial customer accounts to collections.

What is the Best Commercial Collection Agency?

Trying to find the best collections agency for your business can be a challenge. It would be nice if your business clients would pay on-time for the services or products you've already supplied. The relationships with those clients are still important and you don't want to break those ties with a court battle.

What is the best commercial collection agency for your corporate accounting needs?

Solution to Past-Due Accounts and Corporate Debt Collections

Dealing with past due accounts or non-responsive clients is frustrating enough. Business owners wonder what options they have but don't have the time to do much research. Is it time to reach out again? Go to small claims court? Write the whole thing off?

Introducing a simple solution to resolve past due or unpaid invoices: a free online portal for corporate debt collections.

Industry-Focused Commercial Debt Collection

Business suppliers, vendors, distributors and manufacturers typically have their own industry jargon. There's an expectation among those who "speak the language" that in a business relationship, you'll have a solid comprehension of how that industry works.  Debt collections is no different. Businesses seeking to recover past due accounts receivables will search for debt collection agencies they can trust, who comprehend their industry specifics and who also speak their language. 

Industry-focused commercial debt collections offers an engaged collections and recovery strategy. Here's how.

How do Commercial Collection Agencies Charge?

Dealing with the frustration of a non-paying client takes time and resources away from other necessary daily tasks. With so much at stake, not only concerns of how the non-payment will affect the business but also the client relationships, business owners may also be hesitant to turn over their unpaid accounts to a collections agency. Too many unanswered questions could stall the collections process while the unpaid invoice remains unpaid. Can a commercial collections agency help? Will they respect the client relationship? How much will it cost?

How do commercial collections agencies charge for recovery of unpaid invoices?

Tips for Hiring a Corporate Debt Collections Agency in 2017

If you're reading this, it's more than likely because you've done everything you can to get a client to pay, including asking nicely, and they're simply... not paying.  You may be wondering if you have any recourse at all and you really, REALLY, need to get back to running your business. Hiring a professional debt collections agency seems complex and a little uncertain. Maybe your only interaction with debt collection was as a consumer and that wasn't a positive experience.

No need to fret. Here are tips to consider when hiring a debt collections agency for your business.