Solution to Past-Due Accounts and Corporate Debt Collections

Posted by Ryan Howard on May 5, 2017 11:10:20 AM

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Dealing with past due accounts or non-responsive clients is frustrating enough. Business owners wonder what options they have but don't have the time to do much research. Is it time to reach out again? Go to small claims court? Write the whole thing off?

Introducing a simple solution to resolve past due or unpaid invoices: a free online portal for corporate debt collections.

How B2B Debt Collections Works

In order to begin tackling past due accounts, a debt collections agency will need to learn more information about each account. This would entail gathering all contact information, correspondence, invoices, notes, and any contracts or agreements between the businesses. The agency begins their own research and discovery of the account and reaches out to any potential contacts that would be responsive to resolving the debt. The collections agents remain steadfast in their efforts to recover the account and transparent in the status of the accounts to the account holders. These collection efforts are at no charge to your business unless payment arrangements can be made.  At that point, there is a contingency fee or percentage of collections paid to the debt collections agency. 


Free Business Debt Collections

Just wanted to make sure you caught that. 
FREE.  As in, it doesn't cost a single cent to try it. 

Learn More about Debt Collections Portal

The secure, user-friendly portal provides 24/7 access for companies using Enterprise Recovery’s commercial collection services. Our in-house development team (aka Techies), who have extensive experience with financial software systems (aka banks and stuff), designed the portal so it would be easy to use and offer a secure way to:

  • Upload customer details for accounts receivable follow-up services
  • Upload customer data for bad debt collections
  • Review any historical account placements
  • Review active account inventory
  • Download on-demand performance reporting

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Transparent Debt Collections Process

The client debt collections portal offers a way for Enterprise Recovery customers to check in on current accounts and view any notes or documentation of the debt collections process. We understand that the account is important to you and we wanted to make things easier so you could get paid faster.

Isn't that the point?

Enterprise Recovery LLC is now accepting new clients, at no charge, unless the account is successfully recovered. Sign-up for free!



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