B2B Sales & Marketing Tips to End the Year Strong

Posted by Ryan Howard on Nov 28, 2022 4:43:55 PM

B2B Sales and Marketing Tips to End the Year Strong

While we typically write about the end-of-the-year processes for accounts receivable, year-end brings about its own stress for the sales and marketing teams. With quotas to meet and budgets to assess, the challenges can weigh on even the most seasoned professional. 

Here are four tips for B2B sales and marketing professionals to end the year strong.


Hone Your Lead Gen Strategy

Businesses are nearing the end of their budgets, but some are trying to "use it or lose it" before December 31. Still, others will have a fresh influx of spending in Q1. Instead of resting on your marketing laurels, it's time to target warm leads or follow up with those who may have been interested earlier in the year. Remember to personalize your messaging and make each touchpoint relevant to their needs. Some of those leads may convert before the year-end, but if not, the sales pipeline will be off to the races for Q1.

Offer Year End Deals or Subscriptions

Depending on the products or services you're offering, clients may be more willing to sign up if the upfront cost is lower. A subscription service, such as SaaS, can lock down a client for a specified amount of time but at a manageable cost for their December budget. Likewise, any cost savings for your clients now could be the exact convincing they need to sign up long-term.

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Setup Systems for Success

There's no question that the pandemic changed the way businesses (and consumers) purchase. Even with in-person work and events quickly picking up again, clients are looking to the internet to do research. If your business has taken the time to invest in technology or digital marketing, a holiday lull may be the perfect time to ensure the success of this investment.  Some examples might be refreshing the website, setting up an online chatbot or self-serve portal, or writing case studies to share on social media; if your business is slowing down, it's the perfect opportunity to work behind the scenes.

Get Personal

All in all, even B2B sales and marketing are truly human-to-human. This time of year is a great time to get a little personal with potential clients. That might mean sending holiday cards or incorporating holiday themes into your marketing. Maybe your business supports a non-profit during the winter months and would like to share your mission in an email marketing campaign. It's the time of the year when gratitude, joy, and merriment are expected, so conversations with decision-makers can be a little different than they are at any other time of year. Take advantage of the season to build better relationships with your leads.

It's important that B2B sales and marketing teams continue to pursue leads and stay relevant to prospects. These tips will help finish the year strong and keep cash flowing into the new year.

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