Collect Unpaid B2B Invoices using Friendly Payment Reminder Services

Posted by Ryan Howard on Feb 22, 2019 3:04:25 PM

Collect Unpaid B2B Invoices Friendly Payment Reminder

When you work or partner with other businesses as your customers, it can be especially frustrating when they don't pay their invoices. B2B sales are much more complicated and require building relationships and trust over time. With this in mind, it may be tempting to take late or non-payment personally. Don't fall for it. 

Collect unpaid B2B invoices using friendly payment reminder services. 

If your B2B customers periodically fail to pay on time, consider these tips...

There may be a logical reason they haven't paid

Instead of damaging the relationship you worked so hard to establish, take a moment to consider why your client hasn't paid on time. They may have lost or misplaced your invoice. They may have questions but haven't found the time to talk to you about them. There may be some confusion on how to pay or how much. They may not have clear details about why they owe what they owe. They may be experiencing their own financial challenges. Making a phone call or sending an email to follow-up may help clear up the situation.

You attract more flies with honey...

If you approach your client with understanding instead of defensiveness, you're likely to be met with a friendly response. In fact, if your invoice was misplaced or there was a miscommunication, your client's accounts payable may even be apologetic. If they are unclear about why they owe you money, or if they're unhappy with your products or services, you can still approach them with curiosity instead of rage. It's a great mark of customer service if you can listen and respond to your clients.

Try friendly payment reminders instead

If you follow-up, when payment is late or even before, you may be able to prompt payment faster than not speaking up. Your clients might be thankful for your reminders, especially if they're not organized or seem to misplace your invoices often. A friendly collections letter may help resolve some of the reasons your client pays late or at least extend a helpful hand if they are unsure how to approach you.


Get Professional Reminders for Non-Payment

When too many accounts get behind or you're unable to find the time for following up, you do have the option of hiring professional A/R clean-up services for your business. With clean-up, your past due accounts are hearing from you but you've actually outsourced that part of your business to a professional organization. The organization represents you with your clients, honoring your business relationship and getting invoices are paid early and often. 

Instead of reacting out of fear, relax and recognize that you work hard for your clients and you deserve to be paid on time. Respect your clients but follow-up in a friendly manner. Or work with a professional services company, like Enterprise Recovery, to follow-up on your behalf.


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