Does Your B2B Debt Collections Company Offer Brand Protection?

Posted by Ryan Howard on Oct 23, 2020 9:37:49 AM

Does Your B2B Debt Collections Company Offer Brand Protection

In the age of social media and rapid-fire news stories, it's important for businesses to consider their brand reputation.  If your accounting team outsources its bad debt or unpaid receivables to a collections agency, it's also important to protect your brand.  Quite simply, a negative experience with a collections company could sour business relationships and your branding. 

Does your debt collections company offer brand protection?


Building Trust

At Enterprise Recovery, our priority is not only to build trust with our clients, but to also build trust with our clients' customers. Although we’re a “collections agency”, our approach is not that simple or traditional. Unless otherwise directed, we treat every account assigned to Enterprise Recovery as either a current or potential repeat customer of our clients.

Here's how we offer brand protection to every client:


We take the time to research every account sent to collections. Our team members dive deep into our clients' customer’s business, the financial stability of the company, key stakeholders, their contract terms with our client and their propensity to pay. By the time we make our first call to collect an unpaid invoice, our team is prepared to have an educated and professional conversation with the customer.


We understand that, during collections interactions, our team members are a representative of our client. Each of our team members is trained in superior quality customer service and industry compliance.  They're also trained in communication and de-escalation, so every phone call can be handled with care, respect and professionalism.  Brand protection for your business means that our team members value your customers and your relationship with them. 

Quality Assurance:

Calls with clients and customers are recorded for transparency and quality assurance. These recordings are kept for our clients so they have a documented history of all communications during the debt collection process. The recordings are also monitored to determine where more training is needed and to ensure the quality service that we've promised to our clients.  Audits such as these are important to give comfort to our clients that we stand by our word to protect their brand.

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How is Enterprise Recovery Different than Other Collections Agencies?

Whether Enterprise Recovery is collecting delinquent A/R as a first-party extension of our client, or if we’re working as a traditional third-party bad debt collections agency, we always focus on protecting our client’s brand and reputation. As their business partner, our goal is to resolve unpaid invoices while building trust and respect that leads to repeat customers. We understand that B2B customers are hard-earned and we honor that relationship.  There are other debt collection agencies that you can choose to recover what's owed to your business. Make sure they're protecting your brand too.

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