Top Skills of Successful Accounts Receivable Specialists 🤹

Posted by Ryan Howard on May 6, 2022 1:24:58 PM

Top Skills of Successful Accounts Receivable Specialists

When hiring a qualified accounts receivable specialist, it's important that they have the right skill sets. They're going to be speaking with your customers directly about one of the most uncomfortable topics - money. They need confidence, persistence and enthusiasm, and also they need the proper training.  We took a look at A/R job descriptions for a better idea of what's required.

Here are the top skills expected for successful accounts receivable specialists.



Accounts receivable management includes finding solutions when invoices aren't paid, cash flow is slow or working capital is lacking.  Problem-solving takes patience, critical thinking, and resolve to get things working again.

Detail-Oriented & Accurate

Record keeping is one of the most important aspects of an accounts receivable specialist job. Not only are they helping the business' bottom line, but their records must be accurate and definitive for finances, taxes, and more.Outsource Accounts Receivable for More Cash


If you've ever shuddered at the phrase "tax time" you'll understand the seriousness of time management in accounts receivable.  A/R specialists can be responsible for customer accounts, credit, collections, and even legal activities. It's crucial not to get behind.


Accounts receivable specialists have to work with your clients to ensure they're paying their invoices in a timely manner. Collecting from clients who are unwilling or unable to pay must be handled with care. 

Accounting, Calculations, and Math

Obviously, because the job deals with money and finances, it's imperative to hire someone who is competent in math and accounting skills.  Solid knowledge of general accounting principles is also necessary to ensure that your business' finances are correct and accurate.

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Sample A/R Job Descriptions

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