Top B2B & Debt Collections Blogs

Posted by Ryan Howard on Jan 10, 2020 4:32:40 PM

Top B2B and Debt Collections Blogs

If this blog is anything, we hope that it's helpful to small and growing businesses. Our focus is intended to offer education on getting organized, retaining clients and ensuring that your invoices are paid in a timely manner.  

We've reviewed the most popular blog posts and topics so that we can bring more of the same to our readers. If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment so we continue bringing you helpful tips to employ in your business.

Top B2B & Debt Collections Blogs

How to Talk to Non-Paying Clients

It can be challenging to remain on good terms with a client that isn't paying their invoices. They may be unaware that they owe you or they may simply not be willing to pay. You won't know their reasons until you approach the subject. Can you not make any assumptions and start with a friendly reminder?

💡 Thoughts & Tips

  • Don't take non-payment personally. You may overreact when it was a simple mistake.
  • Work on your listening skills and how to clarify exactly what you need from your client.

Blog posts on this topic:

  1. Prompt Clients to Pay with a Friendly Reminder
  2. How to Manage Difficult Conversations with Clients
  3. Selling SaaS? Did your Clients Stop Paying?

B2B Account Management Tips for Creative Agencies

Creatives, such as writers or marketers, are strong players in the B2B space. Whether a burgeoning freelance business or a full digital agency, these businesses need to know how to retain clients, bill them correctly and manage accounts receivable. 

💡 Thoughts / Tips:

  • Stay organized. Keep up with expenses, time tracking, contracts and more.
  • Utilize a credit manager so that high risk clients aren't slowing down cash flow.

Blog posts on this topic:

  1. What is a Credit Manager?
  2. Solving the Cash Flow Problem for Marketing and Ad Agencies
  3. Accounting Tips for Digital Marketing and Ad Agencies
Understanding B2B Collections

Often, the term "debt collections" can make anyone's stomach churn due to the aggressive practices of consumer debt collectors. Business-to-business collections has to be handled differently due to its very nature of business partnerships. Many of our most popular blog posts centered around B2B debt collections, setting contract terms and building out collections policies. These are all good practices to ensure clients are paying their invoices on time.

💡 Thoughts / Tips:

  • Set clear payment terms and include them in contracts so clients know your expectations for payment.
  • Create policies and responsibilities within the accounts receivable process so accounts don't get too far behind.
  • Understand how far to take collections internally before outsourcing to a professional debt collections agency.

Blog posts on this topic:

  1. How to Set B2B Payment Terms
  2. What is the B2B Collections Process
  3. What's the Difference Between First and Third Party Collections?
  4. Five Reasons for an Accounts Receivable & Collections Policy

Thanks for reading! If you have any other topics that you'd like us to cover, please leave a comment below. Bookmark this site for best practices!


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