Why Happy B2B Clients Save Money

Does it actually cost more to attract new clients than keep current ones? That can only be decided when you consider the cost of your time and the value of your clients. Nevertheless, happy clients are usually your most loyal clients, and they'll likely recommend your goods and services to others. Let's identify strategies for keeping your existing B2B clients happy so you can maintain a strong, long-lasting business relationship and save money along the way.

Happy B2B clients save your business money. Here's how.

6 Risky Clients that May Not Pay On Time

As a business that works with other businesses, the expectation is that they'll pay for the goods and services you're providing. Unfortunately, delinquency and debt in business relationships is a very real, all-too-common problem. If you pay attention, there are glaring red flags that could provide clues that some clients could be problematic.

Here are six types of risky B2B client behaviors that might indicate they won't pay on time.

How to Recover After Losing a Client

Losing a client after establishing a relationship and putting in work efforts can be disruptive to any organization. It's especially painful if you're working as an independent contractor, freelance, or as a growing business. The loss in revenue may mean that you need to find another client immediately. There are some practical steps you can take to bounce back.

Here's how to recover after losing a client, especially when it might affect business income.

B2B Sales & Marketing Tips to End the Year Strong

While we typically write about the end-of-the-year processes for accounts receivable, year-end brings about its own stress for the sales and marketing teams. With quotas to meet and budgets to assess, the challenges can weigh on even the most seasoned professional. 

Here are four tips for B2B sales and marketing professionals to end the year strong.

What to Say When Collecting Past Due Invoices

When it's your job to collect past-due invoices, what you say matters. And what you say will depend on your state of mind when you type the email or get on the phone. How you come across to your clients, especially when they're long-term business-to-business relationships,  will determine how they react to you, your demands, or any negotiation tactics. It's important that you're well-prepared. 

Here's what to say when collecting past-due invoices.

Protect Your Business with These B2B Contract Terms

When selling your goods and services to another business, it's wise for both parties to sign a legally-binding agreement. This agreement will set expectations for both parties as well as provide proof of the arrangement if one of the parties doesn't come through.  A contract is an invaluable record that you and your business client are willingly working together. 

Protect your business by including these B2B contract terms.

Debunking The Fear of Using B2B Debt Collections

As a business owner or accounts receivable specialist, you may have some fear around sending an account to a debt collections company. For one thing, you're entrusting a third party with your client relationship and your money and facing potentially unexpected costs. You may also have heard some really bad things about debt collections.  Enterprise Collections LLC has been helping our clients recover debts for years, and we're happy to answer questions and ease any uncertainty.

Read further as we debunk the fears around using B2B debt collections to get you paid.

10 of the Best B2B Leadership Quotes

Being a leader in a tough economy means staying positive, no matter what. Inspiration can be hard to come by, but it's necessary to motivate those around you. Allow these quotes to encourage you to push past the tough times and create a wave of possibility.

Here are 10 of the Best B2B Leadership Quotes to keep you motivated.

What Business Leaders Can Do To Survive an Economic Downturn

Business leaders have long known that the economy was going into a recession. It's important to prepare a business for any economic challenge, whether it's externally or internally driven. With accelerated technology and startup growth, eventually, there will be a slowdown. Technology and startup leaders must be prepared to ensure their business fares well.

Here's what business leaders can do to survive an economic downturn.

Who's Buying? Knowing the Decision Makers For Your B2B Startup

You can't build your business or do effective marketing unless you know who you're selling to.  These initial decisions will guide your sales and marketing team to be its most successful and scale your company faster. Do you know who's going to be buying your goods or services?

Do you know the decision-makers for your B2B startup?